Venture Duckling

Pearl Aesthete Limited Edition Stainless Bottle 20 oz (600ml) designed exclusively by Venture Duckling

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As a small business, we wanted to design a bottle that was adaptable to any lifestyle. The bottle had to be practical, aesthetic, and of the highest quality. Throughout our process of producing a safe bottle, we wanted to ensure it was safe for all and truly BPA free, we made sure the materials we used were approved by the European Union and third-party tested. As worldwide, Europe sets higher standards for product safety. We are confident that our bottle has the best thermal technology in the industry, which guarantees whatever drink you choose you can enjoy for hours, and it fits perfectly into your busy lifestyle. You will love our bottle, we are sure!

  • Ergonomic adaptable, flexible handle
  • The best thermal insulated structure
  • Noise reduction slip-resistant bottom
  • Food grade stainless steel
  • Super easy to clean
  • Over 12 hours of heat retention or dissipation
  • Certified by the European Union *
  • Verified by an authentic third party, no BPA *
  • 20 oz (600ml)
22.5 cm Height
7 cm Length
7 cm Width

* Certified by one of the leading inspection, testing and certification companies in Switzerland. (SGS - NGBHG2102065901)

Designed with the earth in mind