The Venture Duckling team being silly

Our story begins with three brothers who had a duckling who were constantly labeled "crazy" for doing things in a way that was different from what everyone else was doing. Did we give them lots of reasons to think that? Maybe...But it all came from the love we have for art, fashion, design, and empowering people. Eventually, we started to listen to the voices around us. So, we decided it was best to follow everyone's advice and play it safe.

Despite this, the fire within to strive for more never faded away no matter how long the work days were. In 2020, a sudden turn took the world by surprise and took us out of our normal routine, and allowed us to indulge in our “craziness”. So what did we do? Well, we started sketching and designing all of our ideas.

The following months were exciting, but eventually we reached a point where abstract drawings in notebooks weren't enough for us. We wanted our ideas to come to life, however, a million questions arose, how could this be achieved?

We then started contacting various manufacturers across the globe, describing our ideas and showing them our sketches to help them understand our vision. It took us many failed attempts, almost giving up, before we found a manufacturer who could mold our designs into a reality down to the finest detail.

A new problem emerged, what should be the appropriate name of the brand and why? We came up with several names for our new project but one stood out the most to us: Venture Duckling. I know you might be asking, why Venture Duckling?

It wasn’t an easy journey from mere ideas, sketches, and countless failures to turning our idea into a real product. We wanted a name that would encompass all the feelings and emotions that went along with it. 

Venture means to pursue the unknown, not knowing if the risk will have any rewards. Duckling symbolizes a new start or a new era in life. 

Please join us on our journey, as we continue to look for ways to make the world a better place. Our brand is driven to empower everyone to, Venture and Duckling. 




"...With every new venture there will be failures, so laugh, take photos and become wiser..."