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Currently, we are available in only white, but let us know what color you would like to see next!

Our Pearl Aesthete's Stainless Steel bottle isn't just made to last for a year or five, it's designed to last a lifetime. 

No! Stainless steel bottles can be made from 200 grade stainless steel to 300 grade stainless steel. Stainless steel of 200 grade is more affordable, but may create a metallic taste and is more likely to rust. Even though 300 grade stainless steel is more expensive, its composition makes it highly corrosion resistant. It is also easy to sanitize, making it the perfect stainless steel for our bottle.

We believe it's the small things that matter. Meticulously designing every component to create the perfect product for you. It's about quality without sacrificing beauty. Since every product is meticulously designed and created, we can assure you that our products are guaranteed to last.