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Why Duckling?


"Duckling" was a cheerful and energetic duckling, but he had his own special personality. He liked soap operas and didn't like to be disturbed during his nap time, but he would run in circles and jump every time we walked through the door.

A few years ago, when the internet was just getting started, there was a free duck ad on the internet. It seemed too good to be true, but we signed up and 2 days later, we received a box with a baby duckling inside.

We were so excited to add a new pet to the family, but then a million questions popped into our minds, like what we are going to name it, what it will eat, and where is it going to sleep. We started reading and researching and watched hours upon hours of YouTube videos.

Getting caught up in research, we never got around to picking a name. Our family just called him "Duckling", and he loved it. Every morning, "Duckling" eagerly waited by our door jumping and running circles as he was excited to see us every morning. It seemed that he thrived on making us smile. “Duckling” was a cheerful and energetic duckling, but he had his own special personality. He only quacked at us to let him watch his soap operas and not to interrupt his nap. We would stay up late some days just to see him mad. He would get mad when we didn't go to bed early, he would march everyone to bed, then after everyone had gone to sleep he’d go to sleep.

Then "Duckling" began limping and walking slowly, so we took him to the best vet we could find, we gave him medicine, and everything seemed fine. But within a couple of days "Duckling" once again became very sick. We rushed him back to the vet, where they again gave him new medicine. "Duckling" thrive on making us happy. It didn’t matter how sick he was, he limped to our bedroom door every morning excited to see us, no matter how early it was, and then at night he enthusiastically walked everyone to their rooms. Eventually Duckling's medication stopped working, he got very sick, and he was so weak that he could not walk. Since he couldn't walk, we carried him everywhere. When we carried “Duckling”, he always believed he was flying, squinting his eyes and having fun everywhere we went. "Duckling" believed he was an aviator at heart. Sadly "Duckling" died in our arms.

As we were choosing our name and our logo, we wanted something that was dear to our hearts and something we believed in. The name Venture Duckling was the only one we could think of because it embodies our struggle and also brings back happy memories, and each time we see our duck with his helmet it makes us smile and it pushes us to be better and to enjoy the present while we can, since we don't know how great moments can last.

“Duckling” has a special place in our hearts and we hope that our products can do the same for you so we can have a special place in yours.

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