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  • Aesthetic

  • Premium Quality

  • Long-Lasting

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Is so useful. So far I’ve used it to take coffee to the beach. It stayed hot all day. To take water to drink while swimming-it kept it lovely and cold. To keep milk fresh when the fridge was full. It’s slim so fits in my bag easily and does not leak. A very good value buy.

Alexa Russell

Really liking the bottle. The main reason for buying, as my plastic bottle always sweated, leaving a pool of water kept chilled well into the next day.

Sara Williams

If you’re a golfer who has purchased a drink holder, - you’ll be pleased to know this one actually fits!! Most other cups / bottles are too fat. This one is perfect! Happy wife who can drink coffee and vodka from the bottle (but not at the same time!)

Brian Nagele

Perfect size for a day's paddle hot or cold drink. Keeps my essential coffee hot for the duration. Fits with the deck bag side sleeve and doesn’t get in the way on the board, what I love the most!

Erin Murray

This is my first purchase and I was pleased with the whole process. Not much to add that wasn’t covered by the rest of the reviews. The items got in on time and I love my stainless steel bottle which hangs out with me everywhere I go. As soon as you hold it, you can tell it's made from higher quality materials than other top name brands. In my opinion, I believe this is the best stainless steel bottle. I am happy with my purchase!

Nicole Davenport

Every morning before work, I fill my bottle with ice since I don’t like drinking room temperature water. I brought my bottle up to bed planning on drinking the remainder before falling asleep. Big mistake, I fell asleep before finishing it BUT the next morning I still had small ice cubes in my bottle. I was shocked. Absolutely the best bottle I’ve ever had. Just the right size for my little hands.

Susan Hayden

  • Safety

    Free of 1300+ Ingredients banned in European Union

  • Stronger

    Higher grade stainless steel

  • Lighter

    25% lighter than leading brands

  • Cleaner

    Easier to clean to prevent mold or odors

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  • we care

    There are many bottles on the market which are produced to be replaced after a short period of time, usually as part of planned obsolescence. With quality in everyday products declining, we wanted to create a change. To create change, we used better materials and a smarter design in the creation of a durable stainless-steel bottle. Every aspect of the bottle was designed for everyday use, from how it feels in your hand to how the rim of the bottle feels on your lips. It's all about how the product feels.
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The best stainless steel bottle by Venture Duckling
  • Is your bottle toxic?

    Unnecessary chemicals and low quality materials can put your health at risk. Venture Duckling uses only 100% certified high quality materials to ensure the safety of your health.

About us

Venture Duckling

We are a small business composed of three brothers who are passionate about designing and engineering high-quality products. We are extremely proud to announce, we are the first minorities in the United States to design, engineer and distribute their own stainless steel bottle. Our stainless steel bottle has been designed with three things in mind: practicality, aesthetics and high quality. Third parties have independently evaluated and certified our stainless steel bottle, along with certification from the European Union, which is a more comprehensive and rigid certification than the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). The attention to detail and ethical practices used in production of our bottle is what makes our bottle so special.

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3 three brothers - Venture Duckling

Three brothers who had a duckling who were constantly labeled "crazy" for doing things in a way that was different from what everyone else was doing. Did we give them lots of reasons to think that? Maybe...

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Give your support to create a change

Give your support to create a change

We are the first 100% minority owned businesses in the USA who designs, creates and distributes their own stainless-steel bottle. We want to contin...
Designed with the earth in mind

Designed with the earth in mind

We at Venture Duckling believe we can minimize the impact on the environment by designing products that last a lifetime. It’s about how the product...
Why Duckling?

Why Duckling?

As we were choosing our name and our logo, we wanted something that was dear to our hearts and something we believed in. The name Venture Duckling ...